Here are the details on our services, Prices are set per service. Give us a call or come on in and we can go over the prices with you!

Virus/Malware Removal

Any kind of threats to your pc if its malware or a trojan, New Dawn Technology can remove your computer threats. This service also comes with a free pc optimization.

Hardware Repair

We do all sorts of hardware repair on Desktops, Laptops and even some phones/tablets. Replace components, soldering, and even molding broken plastics.

Screen Repair

Have a cracked screen on your laptop or iPhone? We replace just about any screen available. This is the most expensive service you will see in this field. We compete very well in prices in this service, our customers are always satisfied with our prices as well as performance and care we put in.

Operating System Install

We will install your choice of a windows operating system on your pc. Includes wiping the old one at no additional cost.

New PC Build

Are you a gamer or business that needs a server is a pc with specific specs? We got you covered! We can build all sorts of systems, just give us the specs and we will give you the best competitive prices.

New PC Setup

This is another In-Home service we offer. This service includes setting up one pc’s hardware as well as unhook the old one on request at no extra cost. We will also set up 1 user account and 1 extra peripheral not including printers/fax machines/scanners or anything of that nature.

Data Retrieval

Have an old nonfuntional pc with tons of files or pictures sitting around? Bring it in and we can pull them out for you and back them up on a provided flash drive or external drive!

Hard Drive/Ram/Graphics Card/PCI Install

Want to upgrade your system? Hard Drives fail all the time, we can remove your old and install the new for you! We can upgrade your Memory(RAM) to speed up your pc. Gamer? Need to add a graphics card to your system? We got that covered as well.

Network System Install

This is one of our In-Home services we offer to completely set up your new network or update an old one. This includes the setup of 1 router, 1 network switch, 1 wired pc, 1 wireless pc as well as set up the network passwords.

Wired/Wireless Printer Setup

This is another In-Home service we offer. Just bought a new Wired/Wireless printer? We will setup the hardware as well as the software, wired or wireless on 1 pc and 1 mobile device and do a test page to make sure everything runs properly.

These are the most popular services we offer. We do offer a majority of other computer repair services as well, if you need help with anything else not listed here just come on in or give us a call and i’m sure we can help you out!

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